Training Services

As part of our preventive approach to emotional wellbeing, we provide experiential training workshops geared towards proactively developing coping skills and problem solving skills to handle developmental and life challenges.

Inner Dawn conducts training workshops for

  • Corporate organizations –  conducted at your premises
  • Schools and colleges – conducted at your premises
  • Private groups – conducted at Inner Dawn

Inner Dawn provides hands on experiential training workshops focused on enhancing personal growth and emotional wellbeing. These workshops are structured around three areas.

  1. Experiential workshops focused on Emotional Wellness: These workshops focus on a range of topics like Self Awareness, Self Esteem, Emotional intelligence, managing emotions etc.
  2. Experiential workshops focused on Interpersonal Development: These workshops focus on a range of topics like Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Team building, Leadership skills, Basic counselling skills, Parenting skills etc.
  3. Experiential workshops focused on Personal Growth: These workshops focus on a range of topics like Stress management, , Work-life balance, Positive Attitude, Time Management, Problem solving, Assertiveness, Decision Making etc.

These workshops are tailor made based on the participants’ age, gender mix, group size, cultural background etc. These workshops follow a very participative, experiential and activity based learning approach that makes the learning process interesting and fun. We can cater to any other specific topic that may be required.

For schools we provide specific additional modules that caters to students’ needs

  • Life skills
  • Study skills
  • Stress Management for students etc

For the workshops to be effective the group size recommended is between 15-25 participants. The duration for these workshops can range from 2 hours; 4 hours; 1 day.