Pre-Marriage Counselling

Pre-marital Counselling

Pre-marital Counselling

So you have decided to get married. Congratulations.  Marriage is one of the key aspects of one’s life.  The decision to get married, to get married to a particular person at a particular time all are very critical to sustained happiness in married life.

It is important also to get into a marital relationship with reasonable expectations and an understanding of what the marital relationship means to the both of you.  Lack of knowledge about what marriage entails, the responsibilities you take on, may result in disillusionment and failure of the marital relationship itself.

Pre-marital counselling aims to prepare couples for married life.  This entails better understanding of yourself, and your partner, expectations and an understanding of the basic requirements for marriage.

This can also help couples who are in a relationship, where marriage is not yet on the cards, but want to understand each other better and address relationship difficulties.


  • Ideally attended by both partners, but can be applicable for one of the partners too
  • Understand your own and your partners expectations, values, beliefs
  • Enhance your own preparedness for married life
  • Set reasonable expectations
  • Clarify about the myths, apprehensions and questions regarding intimacy

Before you start driving on the road, you need to learn driving, need to know the road rules etc. But for one of the most important aspect of your life – marriage, do you prepare yourself in requisite ways?   There is a lot of preparation that goes into a wedding.  How prepared are you for your marriage? Wedding is only a celebration of the event of your marriage.

Pre-Marital counselling is usually attended by both the partners who are getting married. But it can also be done even if one of them wants to attend the sessions

The couple get an opportunity to assess their own expectations and assumptions regarding marriage and their partner.  To get to know each others’ beliefs and values, set reasonable expectations on one another and be better prepared for the marriage.  Any doubts and apprehensions regarding sexual intimacy are addressed.

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