Online Counselling for Individuals and Couples

Online Counselling

Online Counselling
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What happens in online counselling over Video call ? How is Online Counselling different from face to face counselling? Is it as effective?

Counselling is a purposeful process in which you and your counsellor collaborate together to enable you to deal or cope with life situations or difficult transitions more effectively.

In face to face counselling, you and the counsellor are in the same location, same room at the counsellors work location, in a private and safe setting to openly discuss and progress towards your goals. Though this is arguably the best and preferred mode of counselling and we recommend the same, there are certain hurdles too.

– You might be in a location from where in person access to the counsellor may be difficult. You may reside in a location from where travelling to the counsellors work location might prove to be tough.
– Or you might be in a situation where travel might not be recommended due to any medical conditions
– Clients who reside in other cities, but would want to have access to trained and qualified counsellors, which might not be available and reach out to us for counselling
– Clients abroad, who would like to avail our counselling services

The process of counselling is the same as face to face counselling, where you can feel comfortable talking openly with your counsellor, where you are accepted without any kind of judgement by the counsellor, confidentiality is maintained etc except that you and your counsellor are on a video call in real time.

What do you need to keep in mind when you opt for online counselling over video calls ?

You would need to ensure that you have good internet broadband connection, access to a private location from where you can talk comfortably on the video call with the counsellor. Ensure that the place is safe, private and not noisy. Have headphones with mike for the call. You would need a good quality web cam setup / have a good camera phone and a video calling app like Skype installed (which both you and your counsellor agree to use) and create an ID for yourself correspondingly.

What technical difficulties can come up ?

There could be internet related difficulties like low quality connection or power failure once in a while. You can make alternate arrangements with the counsellor regarding the same.

Applications like Skype used for video calls claim to be encrypted and secure. We are not responsible for any security issues in the tool being used / malware etc.

Can couple counselling also be done by online counselling ?

Online Couple Counselling

Online Couple Counselling
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Yes, we do provide counselling for couples as well online through video calls. It is preferred that the couple be in the same location and can take counselling over video calls.

How can the payment be made for online counselling ?

Each session payment needs to done prior to the session for online counselling. You will be provided the corresponding account details for the payment to be done. Payments can be made through online transfer from your account using internet banking facilities

Can I seek online counselling if I am in Bangalore ?

We have qualified and professional counsellors at different locations in Bangalore.

If you are in Bangalore, we generally recommend that you meet the counsellor face to face at least for a initial few sessions if possible before moving on to online counselling sessions over Video chat like Skype, Hangout etc.  The counsellor would take a call if Online Counselling is recommended for your specific life situations.