Family Counselling

In family counselling, all family members participate in the counselling process where the members strive to resolve conflicts and improve communication.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling
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The counsellor will take everyone’s view point about the problems that the family comes with. This is done with a non-blaming stance and neutrality from the counsellors part. This helps the family members gain trust and understanding of the problems and the emotions of each other in the family. Every member of the family who participate in the counselling process is listened to, their point of view and emotions are enabled to be expressed.

The interaction between family members may be strained, tension may prevail, communication breakdown can happen, Conflicts may escalate leading to power struggles between parents and children, amongst siblings, between in-laws and the couple etc. Even if there is a disturbance in one relationship within the family or one member of the family facing a significant challenge, it does have a impact on the entire family.

Any significant transition that happens in the family can be a challenge to handle and counselling can help you as a family to effectively navigate the change and grow stronger as a family.

As a family you may learn more effective ways of communication and conflict resolution and grow individually as well as a family. This might entail managing emotions, dealing with crises if any, gaining clarity over a circumstance, making thought through decisions, effort towards improving relationships etc. Each member of the family may learn to gain perspective, learn new ways of thinking and behaviour and over all gain better mastery over themselves and their circumstances. The therapist will work with you as a family through your issues and concerns and help you as a family to progress towards your goals as a family.

We also provide Couple / Marriage / Relationship Counselling for couples.