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Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling
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Couple counselling can help in multiple scenarios including but not restricted to intimacy issues, work-life balance, parenting, conflicts, communication issues, affairs – trust issues, adjustment – expectation issues, issues with other family members etc.

In today’s world, the fast pace of life, pressures at work and at home, high expectations etc take a toll on relationships, especially on the couple. Conflicts keep coming up and may not get resolved.  Resentment and dissatisfaction creeps in.  Intimacy is impacted.  The more you try to talk about it, the worse it becomes.

It would help to talk to a counsellor as a couple, in a professional and confidential setting.   The counsellor is unbiased and will not take sides between you and your partner.


  • Counsellor is unbiased and professional
  • Collaborative process to work on your goals, no predetermined agenda
  • Identify maladaptive patterns in interactions
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your relationship
  • Better awareness, understanding, communication and conflict handling
  • More realistic goals and expectations
  • Effort through home works, role plays, change in thinking and behavior

Counsellor would encourage you to explore how your individual beliefs, values, background, experiences, thoughts, behaviour, attitudes etc. may be impacting your relationship.

Counsellor may enable you to address your current pressing issues and also help come up with effective strategies to enhance the relationship in terms of health and satisfaction based on you goals.

Counsellor may also give you home work to do by yourself or as a couple.  Couple counselling process requires you to be willing to put in effort in to your relationship, take responsibility for yourselves and your relationship.

You may be encouraged to attempt new ways of thinking and behaviour, change maladaptive patterns, and learn new skills to work on your relationship.

The goals of couple counselling will be determined by the couple in collaboration with the counsellor.  The counsellor doesn’t work with a predetermined agenda. The counsellor would help identify ineffective or maladaptive patterns in your interactions and communication. The counsellor would also observe how you manage (or avoid) conflicts between yourselves.  The counsellor will facilitate your learning to see things from the other person’s perspective. You also could learn to make healthy boundaries for yourselves.

We also provide Online Counselling over Video Calls.