Child, Adolescent, Parent Counselling

Children and adolescents today have a lot going for them.  They have a lot of exposure, lot of facilities and privileges. But they are also a lot more stressed and have a lot of expectations on them. Children may face sibling issues, adjustment issues at school and these may lead to behavioural problems.

For adolescents school life or college life can be demanding, challenging and even stressful.  There could be adjustment issues, peer pressures, decisions to made regarding career choices, body image and sexuality issues, expectations from parents, relationship issues or making friends etc. The adolescent phase itself is marked by change and turbulence.

They may feel confused, anxious, or overwhelmed and may need support in dealing with feelings and problems that may seem beyond their control.

In the counselling process the counsellor will help your child / adolescent identify more effective strategies to deal or cope with their situations. The counsellor will help the child / adolescent look at new alternatives or approaches to their problems.

The counsellor will also help parents identify more effective ways of connecting with their children, positive parenting, disciplining etc.  For parents with adolescent children, the counsellor will help the parents deal with challenges of the adolescent phase.

At Inner Dawn we provide counselling services for children, adolescents, parents at different locations in Bangalore.  

We provide Online Counselling Services too.