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Dispute Mediation

Dispute Mediation
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Mediation is a voluntary, party-centered and structured negotiation process where a neutral third party assists the parties in amicably resolving their dispute by using specialized communication and negotiation techniques.

In mediation, the parties retain the right to decide for themselves how to settle a dispute and also the terms of any settlement. Even though the mediator facilitates their communications and negotiations, the parties always retain control over the outcome of the dispute.

This right of self-determination is an essential element of the mediation process. It results in a settlement created by the parties themselves and is therefore acceptable to them. The parties have ultimate control over the outcome of mediation. Any party may withdraw from the mediation proceedings at any stage before its termination and without assigning any reason.

The advantages of mediation are that the clients can avoid extensive legal battles, prolonged wait for a resolution and can work towards an outcome that they are in agreement with.


  • Experienced mediator – unbiased and professional
  • Confidential process – what transpired during the mediation cannot be disclosed
  • Avoid prolonged legal process and wait
  • Active and direct participation of the parties in the resolution of their dispute
  • Efficient, effective, speedy, convenient and less expensive process to resolve a dispute with dignity, mutual respect and civility.

We have experienced lawyers and counsellors trained in the mediation process. We provide mediation services for couples in martial disputes, who are looking for an amicable settlement to their situation.