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Hooked to porn ? How does it affect you and your relationship.

Flipping through old issues of Debonair or Play Boy are gone with the olden days. A man would drool over the pictures for hours, fantasizing about the woman and the possibility of a mind blowing sexual encounter. In the absence

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We don’t feel the love anymore. Is the marriage over?

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life“. Love is a key component for a fulfilling relationship/marriage. But even Romantic Love keeps changing throughout life. As a relationship counsellor I see couples who

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How to maintain Friendships after marriage

The initial years of marriage is very crucial for the couple to spend time with each other to know and understand each other to build a strong marital bond between each other. As a relationship counsellor I always try to

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My problem has no solution (or as of now). What can i do ?

When you have a problem for which the solution is not available or not available now, you are stuck with it. Then what do or can you do about it? It might trouble you or hurt you, make you worried

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How will the marriage counsellor solve our problems?

First of all, It is a good sign that you are considering to go to a marriage counsellor / relationship counsellor, that means that you have acknowledged that there are some challenges in your relationship, though you might still be

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White lies, omissions, major lies, bold lies – do lies affect relationships

Can lying affect your relationship negatively. Yes and definitely yes. You might lie on small things or big things. You might omit certain details deliberately and provide a partial truth which on the other side is a partial lie. You

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Route to intimacy in Relationships-Real Conversations

In today’s world of fast paced life, rat race and social media dependent self worth, having real conversations have taken a back seat and for many people, it doesn’t even happen often. This leads to superficial conversations, small talk filled

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Need for Deep conversations for happiness and satisfaction

Have you ever had a meaningful conversation with some one on a topic or a series of topics and felt a sense of satisfaction at the end of it, but would have continued for couple of hours more? Do you

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‘To have or not to have’ – children

Now that you are married, are you feeling the pressure to have a child ? Yes, Lets admit it. It is common in the Indian society for people to ask you about having a child post marriage, be it 2

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Relationship Conflicts – is a Win-Win possible

Conflicts and  misunderstandings can occur at all levels of interactions – work, friends and most of all family and in marriages. When conflict occurs, the relationship may be weakened or strengthened, based on how the 2 people treat each other.

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