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Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor – Differences

Difference between Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist and a Counsellor. One of the first set of questions that a client or a potential client would ask me is what is counselling and what is the difference between a counsellor, psychotherapist and psychiatrist?

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I am not happy, but I want to be, how do I?

We human beings are wired to seek happiness and peace. As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we start with logical needs of food, water, air etc. Once those are met we look for safety and security. Once you feel safe

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Do negative emotions like anger, fear, panic etc have any value?

  Of course our emotions definitely do have a purpose. When it comes to pleasant set of emotions like happiness, surprise, excitement, serenity, peace etc., we don’t ask this question. But when it comes to negative or unpleasant emotions like

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Depression, Anxiety on the rise in newly weds

Marriage is deemed as a very important event in one’s life and it is a significant transition phase in the life of the newly-weds. Recently it has been seen as a trend that the incidence of depression and anxiety seems

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Can I provide emotional support ? I am not trained.

Yes Absolutely.  And yes you need to know where and how. Awareness regarding mental health need not be just restricted to the mental health day. Awareness about mental health, seeking required support and help for facing a specific challenge, providing

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Mental health day-Inner Dawn Counsellor Kalas Views featured on Deccan Herald

  Today is World Mental Health Day. Mental health in the workplace is the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017. We recommend that organizations take a proactive as well as reactive approach towards employee wellness. In the proactive approach,

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Gender stereotypes – how they enable social evils

Stereotypes are assumptions and generalizations that are made about the characteristics, behavior, role etc about the members of a group based upon certain pre-established notions about the group. Stereotypes can be positive as well as negative.  Specifically focusing on the

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Why is making a change so difficult?

Why is making a change so difficult? “Change is the only constant in life” At every stage of life we do undergo a lot of changes.  But still change seems to be a scary word for many of us. What

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What if you are not the first choice, first priority?

All of us yearn to be special. To be special in someone else’s eyes, is part of our nature to seek validation from others. But you might have found yourself at some point in time, to not be the first

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Taking Relationship for granted: What can you do about it?

Are you taking your relationship for granted or vice versa? This is one of the key causes of relationship deterioration.  What can you do? In the initial phase of your relationship things are so exciting you are looking forward to

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