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Parenting a Teen? How to talk about difficult topics to your teen?

Inner Dawn Counsellor Kala Balasubramanian’s views featured on “The GoodHouseKeeping” Magazine In today’s world, being parents is not an easy job.  Especially being parents to teenagers. But it is important to understand that being an adolescent is also not easy. 

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Taboo no more – Inner Dawn Counsellor Sangita Unnis views featured on the Deccan Herald

Taboo no more.  Inner Dawm Counsellor Sangita Unni’s views featured on Deccan Herald on 9-Feb-18 Online Porn is has become so ubiquitous now a days and its been found that more and more women are viewing porn online . Far

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Deccan Herald-Heart Breaks in the Age of Dating apps-Inner Dawn Counsellor Kalas views featured

Dating apps are being used today, by all age groups, and for multiple reasons. Some might use them to hook up, some for romance, some for a partner, and some to get over a broken heart.  No matter what the

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How to change your behavior that you don’t like?

Many of us have a love hate relationship with ourselves. There are certain aspects of ourselves which we like and certain aspects which we might not like. When it comes to behaviors, definitely we would like certain behaviors that we

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Roadmap to a Happy Marriage

As a marriage counsellor, I have seen many couples going through a rough time simply because they were not aware of the developmental stages and phases that all marriages go through. Just as a baby becomes a toddler and then

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Are you chained to your gadgets, screens and Internet ?

Are you chained to your gadgets, screens and Internet? Are you looking for constant stimulation? How is it impacting your relationships ? In today’s world our day is excessively occupied by the mobile phone screen –  be it checking mails,

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How to make decisions in such a way to not regret them

  Decisions are inevitable in life. Each and every one of us have to make certain decisions, be it small or significant at various points in life. And every decision has its consequences, especially the major ones. Some consequences may

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School Projects – Inner Dawn Counsellor Kalas views featured in The New Indian Express

  Children need to be given projects that they can understand and execute both cognitively and developmentally.  The projects and models that the schools assign to the children need to be calibrated accordingly. Assessing the children based on their projects,

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Appreciate what you have, when you have, not when it is gone or lost.

Many of us would have experienced this – of not enjoying the moment, not appreciating what we have, but later on regretting not having done the same. This habit of not appreciating what we have with us, until the time

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Consenting to a marriage. Why is it critical ?

Marriage is one of the oldest social institutions meant to provide safety and security and healthy environment for the couple and future generations. It also brings about stability in the social structure and relationships traditionally. In the current context, marriage

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